Hello and welcome to my BCM112 Digital Artefact Pitch for Autumn 2020. 

Initially, I was developing my DA around my role in The Digital Media Society and continuing to live-tweet the BCM112 lecture via @UOWDMS Twitter – but I’ve decided to trial something else first as we’ve moved 100% online. 

From my interest in people’s wellbeing and being an anxious person who uses different content aggregation services in my down time, I know that the problem of people not remembering to look after themselves and being constantly bombarded with (crisis) content exists. With these issues in mind, I would like to make content targeted at people to feel better//encourage them to perform tasks to look after themselves. I will go about this by making different style TikToks (e.g. POV cleaning, tips on how to handle study online, self care reminders etc.), carry out research into different areas of wellness and maybe expand onto other platforms.

This project will help me move towards dealing with my own stress levels, having a creative outlet and contributing to an ethos of self care and checking on others – I’m completely fine if it fails, plenty more ideas to explore. You can find my DA online now at @Ok_Kelsea on the TikTok app!

Software used:

Video editing: Imovie

Screen & audio recording: QuickTime player


Berezan, O., Krishen, A., Agarwal, S. and Kachroo, P., 2018. The pursuit of virtual happiness: Exploring the social media experience across generations. Journal of Business Research, 89, pp.455-461.

Vaynerchuk, G., 2020. Why The Tiktok (Formerly Musical.Ly) App Is So Important. [online] GaryVaynerchuk.com. Available at: <https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/why-tiktok-formerly-musical-ly-app-is-important/&gt; [Accessed 18 March 2020].

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