Part 3: My BCM320 Digital Artefact!

Kelsea's Ok Kitchen:   For my exploration into Digital Asia and an autoethnographical research process, I decided to focus on cooking (nothing too unique there, sorry guys) BUT I like to think that my end product has become a bit more unique and has demonstrated more just being another BCM320 cooking video series. I was … Continue reading Part 3: My BCM320 Digital Artefact!


Part 2: Expanding on my AE experience & My DA!

  If you saw my last blog post on my initial autoethnographical experience with my new digital artefact, you would have seen that I'm interested in the art of Asian cooking shows on YouTube. Since that post I've made a video to test the ease and aesthetics of trying to make a video myself!  It was … Continue reading Part 2: Expanding on my AE experience & My DA!

Gojira & I

コニチワ! I've always had an interest in cultures that weren't my own. Throughout the course of my degree and the older I get, the more opportunities I have to unpack and utilise this interest. My BA/BINTS double degree includes a Sociology major, Culture studies minor, Global Media and Communication major AND I'm attempting my Spanish … Continue reading Gojira & I

Privacy vs. Personalisation

If anything can peak your interest in online privacy it should be The Betoota Advocate... a recent article dips into the growing need for personalised media. By considering platforms, such as Spotify and Facebook, personalising experiences based on our digital data doesn't seem that menacing right? Daily life is made is made easier and activities become seamless... So where … Continue reading Privacy vs. Personalisation


"We open governments" Wikileaks is a platform & also a movement that obtains and publishes 'sensitive' material and is designed to protect whistle-blowers, journalists and activists. Wikileaks was built to encourage and cause transparency of Governments (Democracies included) and this has proved incredibly important to modern society.   The hacker subculture encourages anarchy, and what creates … Continue reading WE WANT TRANSPARENCY

Activists on FB – Unpopular opinion alert**

Don't get me wrong, I love a good Social Network Revolution (Please check out #ArabSpring and it's aftermath if you haven't already...!) But I have to admit to finding the inundation of FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE FRAMES and the political messages they hold are sending me slightly BONKERS. Please by all means make your profession "Works at Full-time … Continue reading Activists on FB – Unpopular opinion alert**